We had an issue when updating the board software. As a result, all of hard work setting up the forum was lost. If you are a staff member, you must RE-REGISTER IMMEDIATELY.

If you are a fan, we apologize for the inconvenience but we ask that you give us a week to re-set up everything to get ready to open. Please do not register unless you are a STAFF MEMBER. This way we can get everyone to help build the forum up.

Sorry about the inconvenience but we are working hard to make it better.


2 thoughts on “Forum Crash

  1. First off, if you were an Esthetique fan, you should know we lost our site and forum in the past 8 months and had to rebuild EVERYTHING. Second, everything we’ve ever released can probably be found on almost all of the manga aggregator sites all over the web. We haven’t updated all of the links on our site or opened the forum publicly because we all have jobs and families that are our first priority. Not to mention that, at this time, Lovely is on hiatus due to lack of access to raw files.

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