2 Days of Releases!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

All right, so it’s not Christmas yet. At least not here, but close enough that I can say it. I hope everyone is enjoying their time off of school if you are still a student. I know my kids are. Although the cleaning frenzy I put them through the past few days, in prep for their grandparent’s arrival, may have made them think otherwise. Bwahahahah!

Anyway, for today’s release, I’d like to thank all the wonderful staff members over at Shoujo Manga Maniac for their hard work in helping us to give you 3 chapters of Incandescent Moon. Please make sure that you visit their site as well to give them your thanks. We’re almost done with volume 4. That leaves only one more volume to go…

So with that folks, I leave you to your reading. Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas. And if my parental units don’t drive me bananas while they’re here, maybe I’ll be able to get you something for New Years as well.

Also, as a reminder, we have a 3 day waiting period for hosting our projects. All downloads can be found in the forum until the 3 days is up and then I will post it to the main page. So please do not upload our projects to other hosting sites or online readers until the waiting period is over. Thanks.

We are still looking for raws for F.O.X II volume 6. It says it’s out of stock at Yesasia where we usually get our volumes. Any help we can get with this will keep us from dropping this project. Thanks!

Projects in dire need of editors:
Heartland no Juunin
Kami no Na wa
Lady Victorian
Me and My Ainia

Just to name a few… Please help if you’d like to see these projects released faster.

If any of you are interested in helping us out, please email me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com or go to the join us page above and download and complete the test for that position and send it back to me.

Incandescent Moon v04 ch1-3 -Joint with SMM

*Edit*-Here’s day 2 of the releases. I had planned more, but holiday stuff just kept me and the other staffers too busy. Hopefully I’ll have more for New Years. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!

The Horror Mansion v03 ch05- This one’s part 2 of story 14
The Horror Mansion v04 ch01- This one is the 3rd and final part to story 14


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