Another Completed Project!

Hi and welcome to another Friday release!

Well, I didn’t have as an exciting night at work this week as I did last week, thank god. But maybe that was because I hid out in the back of the store where no one could find me. Hehehe. :)

Today we’re releasing the last story in Anata e no Tsuki! Which gives us another completed project! Yay! I don’t know how many of you know the history of this project when it comes to our group. So let me give you a brief history lesson. Back in the beginning of 2008 Esthetique had a coloring contest for the fans using one of a couple of pictures from Shinobi Life. Of course if you didn’t know, we used to release Shinobi Life before it got licensed. Anyway, the winner of this contest got to pick out what project they wanted us to work on. What I mean is they got to choose any project that they wanted to see done and it didn’t have to be a current Esthetique project, but a new one that no other groups were working on. They were to give us a couple of titles that they wanted to see done. I say a couple because if we couldn’t get raws for one we had a 2nd option. Anyway, the winner, Alileus, chose Anata e no Tsuki for her choice. I’m sorry, Alileus, that it took us this long to finish it, but we did! Anyway, this is the picture (I think out of about 20) that won.

Once again we’re also releasing more Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari. With this release volume 5 is now done. For next month it looks like we’ll release all of volume 6. How exciting! Well at least for me that is. I’m really getting into the current arc which is going to be continued in volume 6. I can’t wait to read it because the chapters in volume 5 gave me the chills in some parts. To our friends over at Tsuki Scans, thank you for letting us help out with this project. Everyone, please make sure you head over to their site and give them your thanks we all really appreciate the thanks and it helps us to continue on.

Last, but not least, we had two staffers that had birthdays this week. Please give a birthday shout to FantasyElf and Llenn. Hope you two had great birthdays that didn’t involve too much alcohol, LOL. :)

For now I’ll let you get on with your reading and we’ll see you next week, when I will be blissfully on vacation wishing I was on a beach somewhere instead of rebuilding my back porch. *sigh*

We are still looking for raws for the following projects:
Lovely ch12-31

Projects in dire need of editors:
Heartland no Juunin
Kami no Na wa
Lady Victorian
Me and My Ainia

Just to name a few… Please help if you’d like to see these projects released faster.

If any of you are interested in helping us out, please email me at or go to the join us page above and download and complete the test for that position and send it back to me.

Also, as a reminder, we have a 3 day waiting period for hosting our projects. All downloads can be found in the forum until the 3 days are up and then I will post them to the main page. So please do not upload our projects to other hosting sites or online readers until the waiting period is over. Thanks.

Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari v05 ch23-24- joint with Tsuki Scans
Anata e no Tsuki Story 5(end)

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    Happy Birthday FantasyElf and Llenn!!! Best wishes!
    Thank you for the releases!!

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