Baroque Chrysalis & BTTH

Hi and welcome to another Friday release!

Yes, this week is another chapter of BTTH. This chapter finishes v03! YAY!! We’re steadily moving with this one so make sure that you head on over to Tsuki Scans and make sure you tell them thanks for all their hard work! We’re also releasing another chapter of Baroque Chrysalis. This is the last chapter for Act 2 so we’ll be on to the next Act soon enough.

I’d also like to give a big belated Happy Birthday to one of our translators, Hiwatari Ki. I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of partying and bishies!!

For next week, we’ll be doing our release on Valentine’s Day instead of Friday, so make sure you come back and join us on Tuesday for another 2 chapter release!

Happy reading and we’ll see you all on Valentine’s Day!

We are still looking for raws for the following projects:
F.O.X II volume 6.
A Princess and A Bum v05
Lovely ch12-31

Projects in dire need of editors:
Heartland no Juunin
Kami no Na wa
Lady Victorian
Me and My Ainia

Just to name a few… Please help if you’d like to see these projects released faster.

If any of you are interested in helping us out, please email me at or go to the join us page above and download and complete the test for that position and send it back to me.

Also, as a reminder, we have a 3 day waiting period for hosting our projects. All downloads can be found in the forum until the 3 days are up and then I will post them to the main page. So please do not upload our projects to other hosting sites or online readers until the waiting period is over. Thanks.

Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari v03 ch12- joint with Tsuki Scans
Baroque Chrysalis Act 2 chapter 4


  1. avatar Sakura Says:

    I’m sorry if I missed something obvious but do you know where I can download Baroque Chrysalis Act 2 chapter 4?

    I checked the IRC channel and but couldn’t find it. Please help. Thank you.

  2. avatar Sakura Says:

    sorry. nm. I found it. silly me. sorry for the trouble

  3. avatar hkgaines Says:

    No problem. I’m just glad someone else was looking forward to the end of that story so we can begin the next BC story :)

  4. avatar Silva Says:

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