In case you haven’t noticed, Esthetique has been having a few “issues”. First off, our server company decided to close and we had a very short period of time to get a transfer to the new service. In that transfer, our databases were damaged and we seemed to have lost everything in the forum and site.


We managed to save all of our edited files, raw files, and translations. That means that, in a few weeks, we should have everything back up and few extra surprises!  We plan an overhaul to the site design as well.  As of now, the links don’t work because the pages don’t technically exist yet! We’ll be setting those up as quickly as possible.

As much as it breaks our heart… we were unable to salvage our forum *sigh*  The individual that purchased the software program is no longer with us and we couldn’t contact her to update the info with the company.  We can’t afford to upgrade at this time so we are relying on a new board software and program. We will have it open for new registration soon.

All staff members need to contact the admins as soon as possible ( so that you can get setup and acquainted with the new layouts.


5 thoughts on “We’re Almost There!

  1. Thanks for the Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari update. It’s always exciting to see a whole volume’s worth of new chapters to read.

  2. @ Fait – While we’re rebuilding, releases will be sporadic so we can’t put a specific date on releases.

    For all visitors, we release when we can but our first priority is getting the site back up and running properly. Until that is finished, please don’t ask us when your favorite releases are coming. We are working with a skeleton crew right now and we will simply delete your post!

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