Title: Bloody Kiss
Artist: Furumiya Kazuko
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
Length: 2 Volumes (complete)

Summary: Katsuragi Kiyo inherits a mansion AND vampires from a grandmother she never met. How does her life change after her so called fortune?

This manga also contains an extra story in both volume 1 and 2:

• Angel Koiuta (Angel Love Song)
Mizuho is a young girl who just had an argument with her boyfriend, Kei-chan. On the way home, she met a fallen guy from the greenhouse along with a guitar who called himself Tenshi. Mizuho took him home and asked him to form a group for the competition to win a cruise dinner so she could make up with Kei-chan. So will Mizuho get back together with her boyfriend or will something else spark?
This story was released as a oneshot in the furoku book Glittering X-Mas Story 2003.

• Kyuuketsuki no Onegai (Please Mr. Vampire)
Miku heard that there is a place where you can ask to become beautiful. She wants to be beautiful to be able go to the dance with a boy she likes. However when she goes to this place it turns out that te person who can make her beautiful is a vampire and needs to drink her blood to do so. What will she do…..


Image Coming Soon Volume 1
Chapter 1 done by Condensation
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
 Volume 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Side Story

4 thoughts on “Bloody Kiss

  1. hello Bellaidea I have loads and loads of buttons (some of which have been soeltn by my daughter :))She loves to play with them.yokoさん 木は手つくりではなく市販品です 糸は動きがあるので ビーズの紐よりも 凄くわたしも好きです スタンプってなかなかSBには取り入れが難しいのですが わたしは これからももっと押していきたいと思います ほんと なかなか上の子達と2人きりの時間ってないですよね わたしは菊と一緒の時間は毎週木曜日だけなので (他の日はいつもチカも一緒 菊との時間も楽しんでます 菊 お昼寝もうしなくなり わたししんどいーーー ほんと喧嘩がないと静か静か うちはしょっちゅう菊が泣かされてますが 彼女も強い 笑

  2. I was the EXACT same way about bf jeans. I hesitated to get them and then once I bought/wore them, I did not take them off. I ended up going back and getting another pair. haha! But yeah I haven’t even started the outfit post thing yet and I already want to buy tons more than normal. PS you look so cute! LOVE the pink!! xoxo

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