Title: Mizutama Fabric
Artist: Hayashi Mikase
Genre(s): Fantasy Romance School Life Shoujo
Length: 1 Volume (complete)

Summary: Collection of short stories:

• Polka Dot Fabric
She might be tall, but high-schooler Fukagawa Yori likes pretty dresses. BUT, the guy that she likes says, “They don’t suit you.” What a trauma for our poor Yori! One day, our Yori ends up modeling for a fashion show…

• The Love Affairs at the Somagi’s
Umino Kujira answers an ad for a live-in housekeeper at the home of two brothers named Somagi Takumi and Arata. She’s given a trial period of one week for the job.

• Michibiki no Tsue (The Staff of Guidance)
Hotaru is training to be a “staff” – someone who guides spirits wandering between life and death. Her first case is Koizumi Otoha, a girl who loves piano, but cannot choose between staying and going from the world.

• Wish Upon the Stars
The planetarium in Konno Momiji’s town is closing, so it’s offering free performances for a week. Momiji goes and meets one of her old middle school classmates, Hiiragi Kiwa, who is working part-time as a commentator at the planetarium. They start hanging out and Momiji becomes more interested in both the stars and Kiwa…


 Volume 1
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Omake (end)

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