Woohoo! 11 years and still kicking! I know we don’t release too much anymore, but I still try to get a chapter out every other month. We could really use the help if we’re to get out more chapters. There is only 3 of us that are really consistent here and a couple others that I can call on, but if you know of anyone who would like to help us out please contact me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

So I told you last week that I may be bringing back a project that I thought I had to drop because I couldn’t find the last volume. Well, I haven’t gotten the volume yet, but it’s in the mail. So hopefully, we’ll be releasing more chapters of F.O.X. II soon!

We’re releasing another chapter of Hadashi no Aitsu. This is the last chapter with Perfect Illusions. We wish all them the best since they closed down in 2011.

We’ve only got 4 chapters for the anniversary, but I hope to have some more for next month. So for now enjoy!

12 Months v02 ch08
Hadashi no Aitsu v04 ch17- this is the last chapter that we had with Perfect Illusions
Heartbeat Love Frame ch2
Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari v03 ch08

6 thoughts on “Happy 11th Anniversary!

  1. HI!!

    It been a while!! Ages! How is everyone? Is there anybody here remember me? I already forgot my username and password… >_<
    I miss this group! I hope I can find time to help out with you. Crossfingers!

    Hope to hear from your guys!

    • OMG! Chache!!!! Of course I remember you! I’m sure hkgaines does too! Big hugs! It’s a new forum so you’d just have to register again. Just shoot me an email when you do so I can be sure to activate it. It’s funny because I just heard from Tomo too, if you remember her. Anyway, we miss you too and anytime you want to help just let me know.

  2. Hi,

    Katana! You remember me!! So happy! Of course, I still remember both hkgaines and Tomo, too.
    I’ll be glad to help. I’ll send an email to the staff gmail later.

    Hello there new staffs and sempai staffs!!
    I can’t believe Esthetique is now 11 years!
    Happy to be here <3

  3. Happy 11th Anniversary!!
    Thank you so much for all those amazing works you’ve brought us throughout the years.
    Hopefully, there will be even more!

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