Arrrggghhh Mateys! Happy Halloween! This is Captain Kat and my ragtag crew to bring you a few releases for Halloween this year! I decided to take my scurvy crew on a raid of Esthetique’s vaults to find what treasures lie in wait! And treasure we did find, along with a cursed object or two! I found us a chapter of Pure Gold Aristocrat for the taking and my first mate hkgaines found us a cursed chapter of The Horror Mansion guarding it. Shiver me timbers I can’t believe she brought a cursed object aboard this ship. Now my mangy crew is telling me we are going to become part of Davy Jones’ locker because of it, the superstitious lot. Well, I dare you all to brave the horror of The Horror Mansion and the mafia in the last chapter of volume 1 of Pure Gold Aristocrat. Let’s see if you’re braver than my crew of misfits!

Good luck on your journey and maybe… just maybe… if you live, we’ll see you next month! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Horror Mansion v05 ch03
Pure Gold Aristocrat v01 ch05

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