New Years Eve Reading

Long time, no see! Katana is busy so it’s my turn to make a post. We hope everyone is nice and warm this New Year’s Eve and ready to ring in 2017.  I’m also not good with words so I’ll spare you and make this quick.

We have special treats for you today. The first is the conclusion of one of long time series. We would like to thank our editor, Blue Rose, for helping us complete this series (You rock!!!)

The second treat is the first chapter of a new series by Chen Han Ling called Heartbeat Love Frame. This one has been waiting to debut for a while so we hope you enjoy it! Since I was in a bit of a hurry, I posted the links for you here.

Heartbeat Love Frame Chapter 1 (New Series!)

Nude na Kajitsu Taichi Chapter 13 (Final Chapter)

Recruitment Notice: If you’d like to see quicker releases, please contact us about volunteering as a translator or editor. We have lots of series sitting with full translations waiting on a dedicated editor to finish them out. Experience is not necessary, but would be very helpful. Retired staff are also welcome to help out.

Forum Crash

We had an issue when updating the board software. As a result, all of hard work setting up the forum was lost. If you are a staff member, you must RE-REGISTER IMMEDIATELY.

If you are a fan, we apologize for the inconvenience but we ask that you give us a week to re-set up everything to get ready to open. Please do not register unless you are a STAFF MEMBER. This way we can get everyone to help build the forum up.

Sorry about the inconvenience but we are working hard to make it better.


Please wait to register for the new forum…

It would really help us right now if only the staff members are signing up for new accounts until we have everything up and running. We are assuming that new accounts that are popping up that we don’t recognize are spammers and we will probably banning the IPs. These have been popping up ever since we activated the forum and I’ve already banned around 20 or 30 myself.

We will announce when everything is ready so keep an eye on either the homepage or our Twitter account (click the link at the top!)

Staff members need to register ASAP or contact us at so that we make sure we have you down as active.