Hello everyone!

It’s the end of May and hopefully you are either out of school or just finishing up. To start off the first of our summer releases we’re bringing back Incandescent Moon. We’ll be moving forward on this project by ourselves, but first I want to give a big thank you to SMM for working on Incandescent Moon with us from it’s beginning.

Now that we are doing this project on our own, we could really use the help with editing the project. There’s only one more volume left and it’s already been completely translated so all we need is some one to edit it or at least typeset the chapters when we can get them cleaned. If anyone is willing to help out with Incandescent Moon please contact me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

Enjoy the release and we’ll see you again next month!

Incandescent Moon v04 ch20

3 thoughts on “Incandescent Moon

  1. Really thank you for the releases of Incandescent Moon! Really thank you so much! I almost lost my hope to read the new release of Incandescent Moon! Really thank you! ;3

  2. You’re welcome. This project is a little more difficult to clean because of all the details so it can take a lot longer to edit (not this many years though ^^). If I’m lucky, we’ll have this project completed by the end of the year. But I can’t promise you that.

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