Wow, I can’t believe how time just got away from me. I’ve been enjoying my vacation so much that I didn’t realize that today was a release day for us. I don’t know about the rest of you but this is spring break for all the schools here in my area and the weather has been just gorgeous. Everyone’s been out enjoying themselves and so now that it’s evening I hope that this release will let you enjoy the day for just a little bit longer.

For today I’m releasing a couple of the last chapters of Nude na Kajitsu Tachi. I was hoping to get all three of them released for today, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Maybe if I’m lucky I can get the last chapter released next month. Keep your fingers crossed because if I can, that will be another project completed. So for now enjoy and again if you’re on Spring break, then have fun and stay safe!

Nude na Kajitsu Tachi v03 ch11-12

2 thoughts on “Nude na Kajitsu Tachi

  1. Thanks for the new release!! Enjoy the rest of your spring break!! The weather has been surprisingly nice here too!

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