Happy 11th Anniversary!

Woohoo! 11 years and still kicking! I know we don’t release too much anymore, but I still try to get a chapter out every other month. We could really use the help if we’re to get out more chapters. There is only 3 of us that are really consistent here and a couple others that I can call on, but if you know of anyone who would like to help us out please contact me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

So I told you last week that I may be bringing back a project that I thought I had to drop because I couldn’t find the last volume. Well, I haven’t gotten the volume yet, but it’s in the mail. So hopefully, we’ll be releasing more chapters of F.O.X. II soon!

We’re releasing another chapter of Hadashi no Aitsu. This is the last chapter with Perfect Illusions. We wish all them the best since they closed down in 2011.

We’ve only got 4 chapters for the anniversary, but I hope to have some more for next month. So for now enjoy!

12 Months v02 ch08
Hadashi no Aitsu v04 ch17- this is the last chapter that we had with Perfect Illusions
Heartbeat Love Frame ch2
Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari v03 ch08

Crystal Dragon v11 ch47

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on, but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well as Valentine’s Day! Boy did I miss a lot of holidays. Well, today we’re releasing the next chapter of Crystal Dragon. Thank you to the staff over at Wingtip Cafe for being so patient with us in getting this chapter out.

I’m not going to be very chatty today, but then when am I ever. I will tell you we’ll have some more releases on February 26th because it’s Esthetique’s 11th anniversary! Can you believe it, 11 years! I still can’t believe it myself. However, we could really use some help with editing and some translating because there’s not very many of us here. So if you’re interested in helping us out, please contact me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

I also just found out that there is a strong possibility that I may be resurrecting a project that I thought I was going to have to drop because I couldn’t find the last volume. Well, I just found out that one of our retired translators had the volume and she offered it to us. Hopefully I should have it by the 26th and I’ll let everyone know which project it is. So we’ll be looking for a Chinese translator to finish the last 2 volumes of that project.

Enjoy the release and I’ll see you in two weeks!

New Years Eve Reading

Long time, no see! Katana is busy so it’s my turn to make a post. We hope everyone is nice and warm this New Year’s Eve and ready to ring in 2017.  I’m also not good with words so I’ll spare you and make this quick.

We have special treats for you today. The first is the conclusion of one of long time series. We would like to thank our editor, Blue Rose, for helping us complete this series (You rock!!!)

The second treat is the first chapter of a new series by Chen Han Ling called Heartbeat Love Frame. This one has been waiting to debut for a while so we hope you enjoy it! Since I was in a bit of a hurry, I posted the links for you here.

Heartbeat Love Frame Chapter 1 (New Series!)

Nude na Kajitsu Taichi Chapter 13 (Final Chapter)

Recruitment Notice: If you’d like to see quicker releases, please contact us about volunteering as a translator or editor. We have lots of series sitting with full translations waiting on a dedicated editor to finish them out. Experience is not necessary, but would be very helpful. Retired staff are also welcome to help out.

Delinquent Lesson v05 ch26

Hi everyone! Welcome to our June release!

Yes, we have another chapter of Delinquent Lesson thanks to our friends over at Golden Roze Scans. They have graciously offered to help us finish this project and we are very grateful for their help. So please take a moment to visit their site and give them a big thanks because without them I don’t know how long you’d have to wait to see this project completed.

I’m not sure if we’ll have anything for the 4th of July, but we’ll definitely have something for you by the end of July. So until then, enjoy your Delinquent Lesson fix and we’ll see you next month!

We are still looking for people to help edit or at least typeset chapters so if you’re interested, please contact me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

Delinquent Lesson v05 ch26 joint with Golden Roze Scans

Incandescent Moon

Hello everyone!

It’s the end of May and hopefully you are either out of school or just finishing up. To start off the first of our summer releases we’re bringing back Incandescent Moon. We’ll be moving forward on this project by ourselves, but first I want to give a big thank you to SMM for working on Incandescent Moon with us from it’s beginning.

Now that we are doing this project on our own, we could really use the help with editing the project. There’s only one more volume left and it’s already been completely translated so all we need is some one to edit it or at least typeset the chapters when we can get them cleaned. If anyone is willing to help out with Incandescent Moon please contact me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

Enjoy the release and we’ll see you again next month!

Incandescent Moon v04 ch20

Nude na Kajitsu Tachi

Wow, I can’t believe how time just got away from me. I’ve been enjoying my vacation so much that I didn’t realize that today was a release day for us. I don’t know about the rest of you but this is spring break for all the schools here in my area and the weather has been just gorgeous. Everyone’s been out enjoying themselves and so now that it’s evening I hope that this release will let you enjoy the day for just a little bit longer.

For today I’m releasing a couple of the last chapters of Nude na Kajitsu Tachi. I was hoping to get all three of them released for today, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Maybe if I’m lucky I can get the last chapter released next month. Keep your fingers crossed because if I can, that will be another project completed. So for now enjoy and again if you’re on Spring break, then have fun and stay safe!

Nude na Kajitsu Tachi v03 ch11-12

Esthetique’s 10th Anniversary!

Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s been 10 years since our old admin Sylvie created this site. I’m proud to have been able to keep it going long after she left. Even after all the problems of the last few years with the site going down a couple of times and thinking we had lost everything. I was having a panic attack at that point because it was taking a few months to get the site back up and running properly. But I’d really like to thank all those staff members who stayed with us through that mess:

Hkgaines (admin)
Raijin (translator/proofreader)
Blue Rose (editor)
MWL (translator)
TSP (translator)
Megmerrai (proofreader)

I’d also like to thank all the past staffers as well as all those groups who did joints with us. There are too many of you to name, but know that I do think about you every time I reread a project that you worked on.

With that I’ll let you get on to the good stuff. For our 10th anniversary we have two completed projects. Yes, I know, you’re thinking it’s about time. Well even if you’re not, I sure am. But we have eight chapters for your reading pleasure. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Happy reading and I’ll see you all next month!

12 Months v01 ch07
America v01 ch05 (end)
Mayonaka ni Kiss v02 ch09 (end)
Mayonaka ni Kiss v02 extra- Sayonara Marigold
Nude na Kajitsu Tachi v03 ch10
Pure Gold Aristocrat v02 ch06-07
The Horror Mansion v05 ch04

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I thought I’d bring you a chapter of Delinquent Lesson for Valentine’s Day. There is only three more chapters until this project is completed and we’ll be finishing it up as a joint project with Golden Roze, so expect the remaining chapters soon. Enjoy the chapter and we’ll see you at the end of the month for our 10th anniversary!

Also, we could really use the help. I really need a Korean translator and some editors to finish up projects. If your interested in helping out, then please email me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

Delinquent Lesson v05 ch25

Crystal Dragon

Hi everyone! We’re back! After a much needed rest, we’re ready to start making releases again. Especially next month for our anniversary. We really are in need of editors since there is only three of us on staff and lots of projects to work on. If your interested in helping out, then please email me at esthetiquestaff@gmail.com.

I’d like to thank Wingtip Cafe for being really patient with us on getting this chapter out and hopefully the next chapter won’t be so long in being released. So with that said I’d like to bring you Crystal Dragon v11 ch46.

Enjoy and we’ll see you next month!

Crystal Dragon v11 ch46- joint with Wingtip Cafe

Happy Halloween 2015!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Halloween release!

Are you ready to celebrate the holiday? Before you go out trick-or-treating or those awesome Halloween parties I have a little something for you all. I can’t let you get the night started without a little bit of horror to set the mood. All the chapters that I’m releasing today are from our newest editors so please give them a big thanks and let them know that you enjoyed their work. Enjoy and have a safe evening! See you next month!

The Horror Mansion v05 Extra
12 Months v01 ch06
600 Page Mystery ch03-04(end)