Title: Catch! Ai (or Catch! Love)
Artist: Kobayashi Hiromi
Genre(s): Josei, Romance
Length: 10 Volumes (complete)

Summary: Campus comedies weren’t always the leading plot of shoujo manga. The old shoujo manga used to focus on personal accomplishments, or becoming somebody. “Catch, Love” is about a girl who picks up a camera someday and realizes that she wants to be a photographer, like her father once was. She starts working for a magazine, meeting some celebrities and taking photos of them. But those old ladies chastise the girl because she falls short to emulating the great photographer, her father. She aims to perfect her skills and win compliments from those who loved her father’s work… And of course, she receives a lot of support from her friends and the love of her life. A lonely heroine can’t make a good story!

Image Coming Soon! Volume 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
 Volume 2

8 thoughts on “Catch! Ai

  1. Pleasssse please I beg of you update this manga completely if possible I LOVE THIS manga and reread it for almost over 5 times…… I really appreciate all of your hard work of translating hundreds of manga everyday…. I know it’s very difficult but this manga is so completely worth all the work it’s super good……. Please update this soon pleasssssse…. Thank you !!!! You guys are the most coolest hardworking persons in the world :))))))

    • Zici ca "popii nu sunt mai cu mot ca altii". Nici regii, nici presedintii nu sunt mai cu mot ca altii, dar totusi au autoritate si dau legi si stapanesc cu mai mult sau mai putina dreptate si legitimitate peste altii. Acest fenomen al inegalitatii puterii oamenilor este natural. Egalitarismul uman nu este firesc. Solutia este ca poporul sa nasca preoti, presedinti si parlamentari mai buni, nu sa desfiinteze institutiile respective.

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